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Coming Home…

Coming Home…..

Most people have that “ahhhhh” feeling of coming home when they turn into their driveway, after being on a long trip, a get away weekend, or just gone for the day. That sense of relief and safety of being back in your space. For us, it’s the ferry. It’s a two part process: first, you hustle to get to the ferry, tense and anxious to make a specific time.…when you arrive and get in line, there is the sense of accomplishment, as in “okay, we made it”. Then, once you are actually ON the ferry, there is an even greater sense of relief…you get to turn the car off, and kick back and relax for a bit. While on the ferry, my thoughts often wander to how unique it is to live on an island. We often lament the ferry ride for it’s inconveniences…but it is actually the very thing that makes us islanders. What brought all of us here? Why did we all decide to stay? What made us think we could we could hack it? All interesting questions…with multiple and complicated answers; perhaps for another blog. We love to hate the ferry ride, but we love living on an island. The sense of freedom, the close community, the love of the outdoors; yes, indeed, we are very fortunate. My husband and I just returned from a wonderful two-month vacation; and the best part of the trip home was getting on the ferry. There’s no place like home. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


photo cred to Sara Batchelor

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