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First Visit…

First Visit…

So, this really amazing thing happens on Ocracoke when folks meet, and start chatting… the inevitable subject of “the first visit” comes up.   It can be overheard almost everywhere, all the time:

Guy: “I started coming here in 1986.”  

Gal: “Well, I started coming in the late 70’s.”  

And thus starts the conversation of who knows who, when this and that happened, and lots of random island history tidbits.  It used to really bother me, because I felt like people were trying to one-up each other in some sort of strange, belittling contest.  Now, having visited other places where this also happens, I get it.  I really get it.  People are emotionally connected to special places that speak to them.  They want to be a thread in the fabric of the community; have a relevant spot in the timeline of the place that has meant so much to them.  Many are hopeful to make the transition from visitor to resident; the highest of compliments.  We welcome everyone, anytime…the more the merrier.  When you started visiting IS interesting and fun; but the fact that you continue to visit because you love the island is far more important.  

My first “visit” was in utero, in 1969…

When was YOUR first visit??  

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