Water, Water

Something about a boat…

Something about a boat…

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, the island now faces the peak summer season. With that, comes hectic schedules, multi-tasking and quite a few more people out and about. Which, is absolutely wonderful, but doesn’t always allow for much downtime. When there is a full day off, more than anything, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being out in the boat. I prefer to call it “yachting”. I set up my little camp in the bow, with pillows, towels, a book and usually some wine…preferably rosé…in my feeble attempt to look like an ad in a fashion magazine. I will sit there all day, savoring each precious moment in the sun and on the water. We visit sandbars, Portsmouth island, ride through the canals in Oyster Creek…wherever the wind and water takes us. There is just something about being in a boat, that cures all ills. The vastness of the ocean is always healing and humbling. Life’s stresses and issues fall away…just pure relaxation. I invite you to have your own day of “yachting”…rent a boat, discover your own special places, explore Ocracoke’s nooks and crannies. Breathe in the salt air and let the miles of ocean wash away all of your cares….hope to see you on the water.

For your own yachting adventure, call Farris or Chrissy at Restless Native Boats Rentals:
(252)928.1421, or (252)921.0011

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