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The Good Ole’ Days

The Good Ole’ Days

Because I do a lot of social media (and I do mean A LOT), I have to do the inevitable #TBT (throw back Thursday) post. This usually generates a huge, tickled-pink, response from those folks who have been coming since forever, and deeply miss the “good ole’ days”. They often lament that they wish they could go back to the “way things used to be”. That’s all fine and dandy. However, they are forgetting that their yesterday, is somebody’s tomorrow. We have newbies visiting every day who fall in love with the island, and decide to return year after year. Everybody’s first trip here is when their memories start. And their brand-spanking new memories are just as valid as those who have been coming for 5, 10, 20, 40 years or more (or even live here). For the new people, today will eventually fade into becoming “the way things used to be” and they too, will pine for for the “good ole’ days” too. The life lesson is that today IS the good ole’ days…enjoy them.

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