This Island Loves Whimsy

This island loves whimsy, and creativity, that’s just all there is to it. Look around the village, and you will find oodles of whimsical, fanciful scenes. My neighbor, Cindy, an artist, has Violet standing in her garden. Violet is a mannequin, that was a gift from a friend (another artist), and she is always well dressed, especially for holidays, with clothes and accessories from the local thrift store. Cindy told me “Once some crazy women stole her, took her for a ride, got her drunk then left her in the marsh. She came home hungover and dirty. She also has a man friend in the garden, and now she has a new female mannequin friend, named Myrna.”

The Back Porch restaurant, has Jeanette. Posing proudly in the yard, Jeanette is another mannequin, rescued from the village’s garbage dump, and also always fashionably dressed. I imagine her to be a fabulous French super model, a siren from the sea, or a forest nymph….and myriad other personas. Daphne (BP owner) doesn’t want anyone to overthink it, “she just is.”

Which perfectly describes our little cast of characters on this zany sandbar. Both real and imagined, we just are.

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